Background linking

Given a news story, retrieve other news articles that provide important context or background information. The goal is to help a reader understand or learn more about the story or main issues in the current article using the best possible sources.

Entity ranking

Given a news story and a list of entities referenced in that story (and linked to Wikipedia), rank the entities reflecting the entities importance to the story and utility in providing that link to the reader in context. The goal is to provide reader context by automatically linking the entities in the article that are most critical to understanding the story.


Getting the data

The TREC Washington Post Collection can be obtained here

Slack channel

In TREC 2019, active participant discussion is happening on Slack.

Information for participants

We have a question-and-answer forum where you can ask questions and (wait for it) get answers. This is primarily intended for general information; if you're planning to participate, you need to register for TREC and join the Slack channel for active participant information.